There are challenges faced at macro and micro levels in the world today. It is easy to become complacent, cynical, or maybe even to capitulate to the unfavorable circumstance. At Better Things, we believe there is hope, regardless of the situation. To offset the negative, we prefer to take the seed of an idea for solutions (if you will) plant it, nurture it, then watch it grow.

Better Things is established to be an outlet to help people.

Our current highlight project is theBlackBox Series water filtration system.



The need for some form of water treatment/contaminant removal of particulates that are harmful to the human body is evident. Most often, this is within tolerances at the communal level. For many in the majority world, the treated / “clean water” has the opportunity for recontamination, which ultimately results in the consumption of bacteria-ridden water in even the simplest of situations. There is a world-wide crisis for lack of consistent, inexpensive, clean water solutions.

The need for water treatment/filtration is not new. There are many designs that clean water effectively, respective to their claims to do so. Most systems, however, are based on a continued reliance for new filters as the old unit becomes clogged or ineffective. Many filter manufacturers plan for filter replacement as their business model due to inconsistent methods for filter maintenance. Filtration costs often push the financial requirements and supply lines to serve merely the upper echelon and not the majority world.

theBlackBox Series is a better “mousetrap” for maintaining the quality and performance of the water filters utilized, extending their life to their maximum potential while using durable, low-cost technologies – serving a wider global audience.